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Hall-in-one: check, grab and go



Hall-in-one: check, grab and go

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Designed by Dimitri Cassiers

Dimitri has a good taste for new products and an eye for detail. He strives for simplicity and is always looking for an added value in a product in order to add an extra dimension.

more about this product


This product is custom made and will be delivered in approximately 6 weeks!

Product Description

Quickly check yourself in the mirror, grab your coat and keys from the felt coathanger and hold on, don’t forget to take those important letters with you before you rush out!
A clever and tidy board made out of 3 kind of materials, each with their own function, that’s the Hall in one! The entire board is made out of birch.

Materials: Felt, Mirror and Birch wood.

Additional Information

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions70 x 42 x 2 cm

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